Unescorted program

The 8-hour Unescorted Course is required for all employees prior to arrival on the North Slope.  The course consists of six modules ("six-pack") plus H2S/FeS. 


Each module makes use of lecture, discussion, individual and small group exercises, and quizzes to involve employees in their own learning.  Upon completion of the course, employees receive an NSTC card, which allows them to travel unescorted within and between the operating fields to which they are assigned. 


The Unescorted Course consists of the following six modules:


Alaska Safety Handbook

Camps & Safety Orientation

Environmental Excellence

Hazard Communication (HAZCOM)

HAZWOPER Awareness

Personal Protective Equipment


In addition to the "Six-Pack," H2S/FeS may be required for facility access. 



For information on taking the NSTC Unescorted Course, please click here.

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