Instructor Qualification

NSTC Instructor applicants must be currently employed by an Operator, Contractor Company or Labor Union that adheres to the Alaska Safety Handbooks (ASH/BP ASH), or by a licensed NSTC Third-Party Provider. Applicants are required to submit a completed application form to the NSTC office for review and acceptance as an instructor candidate.


The application requires a signature from the candidate's supervisor or manager. This serves as a company endorsement of the instructor's qualifications and an acknowledgment of a partnership with the NSTC in supervising the instructor.


A current resume may be submitted instead of page 2 of the instructor application if it contains relevant HSE and training information.


Applicants shall have a relevant safety background (e.g. field safety and health experience), presentation/instruction experiences, and an ability to address technical safety questions or concerns posed by class participants. North Slope experience is preferred.



How to become qualified as an NSTC Instructor (Unescorted)

  1. Complete and submit the NSTC Instructor Application Form to the NSTC Office.
  2. NSTC Office will review the application and schedule you to attend an Instructor Orientation Session.
  3. Attend an Instructor Orientation workshop session.  The orientation sessions are held once a month.  Cost is $200 and will be charged after the workshop. ($75 is due with the application as a non-refundable application fee)
  4. Observe an NSTC class taught by any qualified NSTC Instructor. After observing the class, please sign in on the roster as an "observer" and forward a copy to the NSTC Office.
  5. Study the materials that are given to you in the NSTC Orientation Session.
  6. Schedule a class to be taught by your company employees.  Please have a minimum of 4 students in the class.
  7. Request an evaluator from the NSTC Office.  When making the request for an evaluator, please let either the NSTC Manager or NSTC Program Assistant know the date, location, and time of the class that has been scheduled.   Please allow 2 - 3 weeks prior to the class date.
  8. Teach the class.  After the class, you will receive a performance evaluation.
  9. If you qualify you will receive a Letter of Qualification containing your Instructor Number.
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