Frequently Asked Questions


What is the North Slope Training Cooperative?


The North Slope Cooperative (NSTC) is a joint training effort. Members of the cooperative are those operating compaines funding the NSTC and all of the organizations and companies who adhere to the NSTC training standard.



Where do I go to "get an NSTC Card?"


The NSTC Office does not issue NSTC Cards directly. 


In order to get an NSTC Card, a worker must take the 8 hour Unescorted Course, either through his or her employer or at a qualified Third Party Provider.  A list of Authorized Third Party Providers is listed here. (Click the link to see the list.)


I lost my card, how can I get a replacement?


If you have lost your card, please contact the Third Party Provider or employer where you took your course.  


What are Third Party Providers?


Third Party Providers are licensed for-profit companies that provide NSTC training using qualified NSTC instructors.  They teach the NSTC Unescorted, Special Awareness Level, and Job Specific courses, as well as other industry related training.  Please click here for a list of the currently authorized Third Party Providers.


Is my NSTC Card still valid?


While NSTC does not require a "refresher," we do require an "update" or "rollout session" be completed within six months when a new edition of the ASH or EFH is released. 

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