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The North Slope Training Cooperative (NSTC) manages an HSE curriculum designed specifically for workers on the North Slope. The NSTC Curriculum includes the Unescorted Course, the Offshore Safety Awareness Course, four Job Specific courses and ten Special Awareness courses.


The curriculum is based on the Alaska Safety Handbook (ASH), the BP Team Alaska Safety Handbook (BP ASH), and the North Slope Environmental Field Handbook (EFH). The ASH, BP ASH, and EFH meet or exceed OSHA and other regulatory standards. 


NSTC courses are taught by instructors who have completed a qualification process. Operator and contractor companies have two training options. They may either have one of their HSE specialists become a qualified NSTC Instructor to conduct classes for their own employees or they may send their employees to an NSTC Third-Party Provider, an independent training company licensed to teach the NSTC courses. 



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