Welcome to the North Slope Training Cooperative (NSTC)

The North Slope Training Cooperative was created in 1998 to develop and maintain high quality, standardized health, safety, and environmental training programs for our operating company and contractor employees at industrial sites on the North Slope and throughout Alaska.


The NSTC is managed by APICC and staffed with a full time manager and assistant.


NSTC Instructor News

2014 Reporting is due on January 31, 2015.

Please submit your Annual Report, Roster, and Professional Development now.   Instructors who fail to submit all paperwork will be marked "Inactive" on this date.    



Active Instructor List

The Active Instructor List is updated periodically.  If you find any errors with your listing, please contact the NSTC Office.


Annual Reporting

Please remember that ALL NSTC Instructors are required to turn in Annual Reporting.  For more information, please see this page: Annual Reporting. (You may have to log in.  Please look to the upper right corner and enter your user name and password to do so.) 




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