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What is NSTC?


The North Slope Training Cooperative was created in 1998 to develop and maintain high quality, standardized health, safety, and environmental training programs for our operating company and contractor employees at industrial sites on the North Slope and throughout Alaska.



NSTC Instructor News

Please turn in your instructor reporting if you haven't done so.  Instructors who have not turned in their documentation will be marked inactive on May 1.


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Revisions since March 2014:


Unescorted Course Modules


3-2014 Intro & Camps, ASH, PPE, HAZCOM, H2S/FeS Modules (Environmental Excellence is still 11-2011)

5-2014 ASH Module Quiz

12-2014 HAZWOPER Module


Job Specific or High Hazard Courses

3-2014 Respiratory Protection Course

5-2014 Confined Space Entry Course

6-2014 Energy Isolation Course

9-2014 Fall Protection Course


Special Awareness Courses

3-2014 NORM Special Awareness Course

1-2015 Asbestos Awareness

3-2015 Hearing Conservation

3-2015 Working Safely as a Team Video


Please check the Active Instructor List for accuracy.

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